Why it can pay to plan

Why it pays to use a non-intermediating financial planner.

Whether you’re looking to increase your life savings, or protect your assets from tricksters, fraudsters and scam artists, there can be clear benefits of talking to independent financial experts.

Paying someone a fixed fee of £1,500 to help with your money can feel counter-intuitive but expert impartial advice can add real value many times over to your financial future, particularly when information about products and fees is so well hidden and complex. Here are some of the reasons why non-intermediating financial planning can be worth your while.

  1. A wall between planning and product:

Is your planner paid depending on how much product they sell you? If your financial planner isn’t remunerated by product sales, all of a sudden, you’re guaranteed that the advice they give is independent, impartial and unbiased. Although this non-intermediating model is rare, its fiduciary nature avoids conflicts of interest and ensures that your adviser acts in your best interest all of the time. They’re on your side, as opposed to being an agent for some product provider. Plus, you avoid those highway robbers – offering to ‘take care of’ your money for you. When it comes to financial planning, it always pays to have ‘blue-water’ between us and them, with an expert on your side.

  • Potentially adding an extra third to your life savings:

According to ONS, average current investments in London are £106,096 (and in the regions £48,847). According to the FCA, average ‘intermediating’ financial planner fees are 3% initial and 0.5% pa ongoing charges. In London, typical intermediating financial planner charges might be £3,182 plus £530 pa.

What happens with a ‘non-intermediating’ financial planner? When the fee is fixed, at say £1,500, and not dependent on your current investments, you can save instantly. Further savings are available from self-implementing planned solutions, investing for market returns, avoiding platform charges and even tax wrapper charges. These cost savings can mount up over a lifetime. Your impartial adviser can show you how.

To illustrate the impact this can have on your savings, should your funds grow at 6% pa, deduction of annual charges from the intermediary route could total 1.5% pa, when a non-intermediating route can be available from as little as 0.5% pa (for example, a self-implemented passive retail multi-asset fund on a platform). The savings from the difference between a 4.5% pa and 5.5% pa net return on your investments can add up over a lifetime through the miracle of compound interest.

Value of £100 invested:

Net Return pa 10 years 25 years 40 years 65 years
£100 @ 5.5% £171 £381 £851 £3,246
£100 @ 4.5% £155 £301 £582 £1,748
% lost in charges 9% 21% 32% 46%

For example, a 60-year-old expecting to live for 30 years until age 90 with a £100,000 current investment may see the value of the final estate at age 90 to be £375,000 @ 4.5% pa growth, or £498,000 @5.5% pa growth. A difference of £123,000!

That is, the 5.5% route adds an extra third to your life savings!

Ask yourself, what am I getting for the extra 1% charge? It’s not additional investment return. If your intermediating financial planner claims to be able to beat market returns on your investment … run a mile! According to the Pensions Institute 99% do not. And, the 1% that did, did so by luck, and can’t be chosen in advance.

  • Avoid the ‘do nothing’ scenario wiping 75% off your savings:

95% of the population are disintermediated due to their limited wealth, as many financial advisers have a threshold of £100,000 or more in investable assets before they will take on a client. If this is you, the option for these underserved individuals is to either self-invest, or do nothing.

60% of the population have little or no savings. Without an adviser to encourage them, many never begin to save. Thrift is a very much outdated concept. Even if you do save, leaving the money in a bank account or savings account can deplete your potential life savings.

Cost of leaving money in a deposit account:

Net Return pa 10 years 25 years 40 years 65 years
£100 @ 0.5% £105 £113 £122 £138

Self-investing can be scary when you don’t have an expert on your side. It’s easy to fall victim of highway robbers when self-investing when you don’t know what you’re doing, I’m sure you would agree. But, staying in cash can be equally as costly.

For example, if the 60-year-old above had left their life savings on deposit paying 0.5% pa the value of the estate at age 90 is £116,000. A difference of £382,000, when compared to the 5.5% scenario.

That is, the 5.5% route gives you more than a four-fold increase in your life savings when compared to a deposit account.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than what you paid in. Future values are not guaranteed. The figures used above assume income is reinvested, are before tax, are for illustrative purposes only and actual interest rates and investment returns may vary. In real terms, that is allowing for inflation, the final figures can be far lower.

Which one will you choose: Intermediary; Non-intermediating financial planner; or do nothing?

Where’s the reset button?

Press Reset!

When to Press Reset: Life Events & Life Plans

When might you need to press that life re-set button? You know, the big red one on the top of your head!

Life events are significant events that occur throughout your life; these can range from the birth of a child, to marriage or getting a new job to even losing a close family member. It is on these occasions that you might want a strategy, a financial life plan – that is, The Game Plan.

Crumbs! Maybe you are just at one of these significant milestones, right now. Or, you know of someone else who is.

Should you leave things to fate?

When you start a new relationship or take an existing relationship to a higher level through cohabitating, marriage or even reconciliation, you may take a moment for deeper reflection on each other’s goals for life. You then knit together a new combined pathway that is inspiring and fulfilling in every way for you both. The process can be worrisome, though seldom does the end-result pull you further apart. On the contrary, it will make you fall further in love. Ahh.

Pregnancy and starting a family. What do your financial plans need to look like as your family grows as you give the greatest opportunity for an amazing life to another? When family planning you need a family plan, right?

Children leaving home. What do you do when the nest is empty and roles change? Apart from throw a party!

Leaving full-time education and staring at the empty canvas. Travel!

Moving home to a new town, county or country. Get to know the neighbours?

When a relationship ends through separation, divorce or bereavement, best laid plans can be laid to waste. Financially they can be devastating, as they are emotionally. That settlement perhaps! This is an ideal time to reflect deeply on what you want for yourself in life. It’s time to reassess and reset your direction. The life plan can include anything even the desire for a new love.

Work changes, for you or your partner, are another great occasion to life plan. Resignation. Redundancy. Getting fired. Retirement. Discharge. End of service. Even if you are unhappy at work. These are fabulous occasions to redesign an inspiring and productive future. Sorry, did I say show the boss a finger?

Major business readjustment when self-employed.

Hitting that mid-life-crisis. Let’s put away the jet-pack for just a minute.

Personal injury or illness for yourself or close family member.

Major changes in financial status through insolvency, bankruptcy or making arrangements with creditors.

Leaving prison and integrating back into society (for good).

All these events have one thing in common. It’s time to start afresh. And, press that reset button.

Why leave it to fate? Take control!

The plan must look at all of you: life, money and work. The plan must help you to enjoy wealth in EVERY area of your life.

The plan typically must increase your wealth – in all areas – ten-fold, and must have nothing to do with the sale of any financial products. You must be the client, not your money. It’s a planner you want, not a sales person.

One plan requires one planner, skilled in all these things. Would you agree?

The options available for you at the Academy of Life Planning are as follows:

  1. Plan yourself – buy the book Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers – enjoy wealth in every area of your life (£11.99) and/ or attend Born to Be: The change you wish to see in the world (free) research information on the Academy’s website & blogs (aolp.co.uk), or social media pages and open groups (also free).
  2. Be planned – by an expert and experienced in personal online coaching; from £1,500 (£1,800 for couples); this is one off plan – The Game Plan – created over six 90-minute (120-minute couples) sessions over several months, or
  3. Learn to plan – This is the four-day workshop: Your Money or Your Life Bootcamp! 30 hours in a small group. You learn all the techniques required to repeat the cycle over-and-over again-and-again throughout your lifetime. £3,991.

Steve Conley says, “I’ve invested seven years and over £60,000 in personal training to bring you something that can change your life in days and create a 10-fold wealth improvement in every area of your life.”

“Here’s my guarantee!”

If as a consequence of us working together (options 2 and 3). The Game Plan for you isn’t:

  • Something you agree is doable for you at every step, and
  • Forecasting that you will be one-million-pounds better off by doing it.

Then I’ll refund you the ticket price paid in full.

Now you can’t say fairer than that. What have you got to lose?

We live but a thousand months, many behind us and 200 retired. We can easily be £1,000 worse off for every month that goes by, leaving matters to fate. This time next year you could be £12,000 worse off and looking back wishing you’d invested in yourself sooner.

It’s a financial life plan, called The Game Plan. Enjoyed by hundreds of satisfied AoLP clients.

Isn’t it time you didn’t leave matters to the lap of the Gods? Take matters into your own hands. Sometimes the best investment we can make, is when we invest in ourselves.

For further details:

Buy the book – available to order on Amazon CLICK HERE.

Attend Born to Be – FREE tickets CLICK HERE

Or visit the Aolp website – www.aolp.co.uk

What’s missing from your money?

Is you!

What’s missing from your money?

Ever since money was invented, humans, unlike any other living species, have to pay to live on earth!

How money comes, how you keep it and how it goes are really important issues for you. You’d like help from people who know what’s best. And you’d really like that helping hand to act in your best interest, right? Well right now, as you read this, such help doesn’t exist.

Not anywhere.

There’s a group of us operating behind the scenes to bring it to you. But it could take us 20 to 50 years to change things.

Until then, assuming we make it till then, how do you cope, what can you do, who can you turn to?

Well that’s what this is about – I call myself the financial life coach, or fiduciary.

What’s that then?

In a fiduciary relationship, one person, in a position of vulnerability, justifiably vests confidence, good faith, reliance, and trust in another whose aid, advice, or protection is sought in some matter. In such a relation good conscience requires the fiduciary to act at all times for the sole benefit and interest of the one who trusts.

To better understand the fiduciary relationship, let me explain where it does not exist, though you would think it might. You’d expect it.

The financial services industry does not offer it. The people who run the industry place profit, their profit that is, before principles. To keep it simple, let’s refer to them as greedy bankers.

Greedy bankers!

I’m doing what greedy bankers would be doing if they weren’t being so greedy.

I call myself a financial life coach. The word Fiduciary is not such a familiar term. It’s not a term you hear every day. Why would it be? Greedy bankers prefer to keep it that way.

I would call myself a financial adviser or financial planner. But those titles are already taken by non-fiduciary financial intermediaries. What I mean by that is product sales people.

Yes, their trade bodies, professional bodies and standards boards refuse to adopt fiduciary responsibilities in their codes of conduct. I know because I reviewed all 70 of them and presented a white paper to British parliament on the subject last year. I’m an ambassador for transparency, the paper is here.

These so-called advisers and planners are simply intermediaries between you and product providers. According to their regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, they are giving advice on, dealing and arranging deals in and managing … investments. By investment, they mean giving your money to greedy bankers.

They are not … as advertised … advising you.

They treat your money as their client, not you.

They listen to you for 82 seconds before pulling out a brochure about your money.

Then they hand your life savings to greedy bankers.

People at the FCA had good intentions about changing things back in 2013; when under the description Retail Distribution Review, they banned commissions on investments. It all became a bit of a dog’s dinner really, as greedy banker lobbyists stepped in – laid off all the retail advisers – and renamed commission as contingent adviser charges for rich people and distorted the financial markets by exempting St James’ Place as a vertically-integrated firm.

Here’s the thing.

When it comes to financial advice … an investment is seldom the best solution or even an answer to your problem. In fact, in most cases it makes the problem worse.

Let’s see … when it comes to keeping your money safe, you give it away to a greedy banker!

They steal off the top and lie to you about how much they have taken. Don’t believe me? See our submission to British parliament on costs and charges then here.

What if … you invested in yourself instead? You invested the money so you no longer had to trade your time for money. You traded your knowhow instead. You created passive income from which you never had to, or wanted to, retire. You created income from what you know and are good at. What you love to do.

Your money avoids the greedy bankers.

Just in the same way that the best book to change your life if the one you write.

Bet on yourself.

All you’ve got to lose is your best life yet. So, go ahead!

Why is it the advisers and planners never mention that one?

Taking your money away to give to greedy bankers, shackled you to a life sentence on the treadmill of work existence; exchanging time for money, taking the bet you can buy freedom in the last 16 years when your time no longer has any use to them.

You’d like to avoid greedy bankers, yes?

You’d like someone who knows the score and is on your side, yes?

Well that’s the financial life coach.

Handing money over to not-so-greedy bankers, without recourse to layers of slice taking middlemen, is sometimes required to generate real returns on life savings. You are shown how to do this, it’s as easy as online banking.

The truth is. The rewards for investing in yourself mindful of the impact on people and planet can be ten-times more profitably in the long-term; as the firms of endearment studies reveal.

The best place to find a helping hand you can trust is at the end of your own arm.

Why’s this former banker any different?

Maybe, you think life coaches are all fluff and ten-a-penny. Everyone’s a life coach, right? Promising happiness … increased performance … improved relationships … anyone with a bit of NLP training. All useful, I’m sure … for the insignificant goals we set ourselves in our limited prison of conditioned thinking.

That’s not me.

I’m a master life planner with the biggest international life planning institute … I think it also takes insider knowledge of the greedy banker system to fully expand upon your biggest dream and move you along your plan in a physical, practical way in a material world.

Let’s face it. Life coaches miss out the money.

Perhaps you see me as a former financial planner and adviser.

The compliance department asked my firm to remove me from the FCA register as I was inactive. You see you are classed as inactive if after one week you have not handed your client’s life savings to a greedy banker. And inactive advisers have to be removed from the FCA register.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m highly qualified. Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Insurer, twice winner of the British Insurance and Investment Brokers’ Association’s Broker Prize and twice winner of the Insurance Institute of Manchester’s Jubilee Prize Certificate for my performance by examination.

But if you’re shackling clients to the treadmill by handing over their life savings to greedy bankers once a week …

Let’s face it. Financial intermediaries miss out the client.

Potentially he’s one of those unregulated con men. There’s a £4bn per annum black market in the UK open for scammers of all description that are (deliberately) left out of scope by the UK regulators (they don’t want to upset the City and see their HQs move out of London). Flogging dodgy products. Getting rich at the expense of their clients promising some get rich quick scheme that you see all over the internet. Crypto currency, property management, land, hotel rooms, parking spaces, etc.

Pension busters promising illegal access to your pension pot, falsely claiming they’ve spotted a legal loophole. Taking a chunk in charges. And sticking the balance in some dodgy property backed scheme promising high returns for low risk. It disappears. Then HMRC hit you with a tax bill you are unable to pay.

That’s not me either.

I chase those guys and send them to prison. More about that here. And I’m the CEO of Asset Recovery Network (UK) Limited.

So, who am I?

I am what others are not. I do what others should be doing and don’t. I do it … because no-body else will.

If others were really helping you, there would be no need for what I do.

I make financial life changes for the better for you.

Completely on your side. Protecting you from greedy bankers and their agents.

I open your eyes to the greatest version of yourself.

I unmask the higher-way robbers.

Together, we put in place a solid plan to get you to where you were born to be.

Zero greedy banker products are sold in the process.

You need to be told the truth. You need to be told the secrets the greedy bankers didn’t want me to share.

Practical, down-to-earth, proven, tried and tested on millions around the globe, the best financial life planning system you will ever find.

Here’s my guarantee. If you should find a better one. Let me know. I’d like to shake their hand and pass all my clients to them.

What I do is hard. It’s humiliating, gruelling, punishing, draining, exhausting and most of all expensive for me to deliver. They call me Mr Ethical, the Robin Hood of the investment industry, sometimes even a loser and dreamer. I’ve sacrificed so much … they call me stupid!

I’d be one-million pounds better off had I remained in the banks.

See. Now even you think I’m stupid.

But here’s the thing …

If I don’t do it, who will?

If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

The naysayers say to me: “If I had half the brains you have, I’d be at it too. They’re all at it. It pays, and therefore works.”

I’m not born to be a greedy banker.

I’m born to help you.

When you ignore who you were born to be you suffer pain! Real emotional pain.


Society has many remedies to numb the pain and keep you in the rat-race. TV. Politics. Internet. Games. Drugs. Alcohol. Food supplements. Water additives. Chemtrails … the list goes on.

But, the best remedy is to face the truth.

Be who you were born to be.

What you give away, will be returned ten-fold.

Not just financially. You’ll …

enjoy wealth in every area of your life.

For the next 20 years plus of greedy bankers exploiting people and planet until the millennials arrive on the boards, all you have is me. On your side. Showing you how to beat the system.

You start by attending Born to Be. Tickets here. It’s free.

What’s missing from your money?


Learn more at www.academyoflifeplanning.com

Let’s Talk About Money

The Game Plan is a practical, down-to-earth method for planning your life and money. It doesn’t ask you to do anything you don’t love. It does ask you to do things that you’re good at and are well within your capability.

The Game Plan Generator has four important components, which when completed will change your life in one month. The third part of four, is where we see the dramatic change in belief and confidence in my students. This is where we talk about the money. And, this part is called the Financial Freedom Forecaster.

At ‘The Game Plan’ (TGP) one-to-one coaching programme, this is one 90-minute session, 120-minutes for couples. At Your Money or Your Life Bootcamp it’s a full day. But, always the transformation in the student is amazing; you will witness stress and anxiety altering to sheer delight.

Here’s a couple of ‘Before & After’ examples from two students brave enough to take to the stage when I asked them to join me at the last Born to Be in March 2019.

This is part of the Financial Freedom Forecaster report.

Student 1 Before TGP

Fig 1: Cash Flow Before Student 1
Fig 2: Net Worth Before Student 1

You must also remember that the ‘Before’ picture is where you are dissatisfied in all areas; mind, heart, body and spirit. Here, right now, we are simply looking at the money. The cash flow diagram (Fig 1) shows age along the horizontal and cash along the vertical. The blue bars represent enough money. The red ones, a shortfall. The black line is expenditure.

The red bars show a problem in retirement. Net Worth (Fig 2) shows that if this isn’t resolved, the student will fall in to debt in their old age or become a liability on their family (negative £2m by age 90!)

Imagine how you’d feel right now if that was you. Painful, yes? We’re about 15 minutes into the conversation in the third 90-minute session of four.

After TGP

Fig 3: Cash Flow After Student 1
Fig 4: Net Worth After Student 1

This is the picture at the end of 90 minutes.

Remember that the AFTER picture is doing what you love!

Through a few simple suggestions – that the student agrees are do-able and not too challenging – the outlook changes dramatically. We even stop trying to grow the business at age 70 as the numbers became too big to illustrate.

How do you think the student felt after that meeting? Amazing wouldn’t you say? Relieved perhaps! Jumping with joy I’d say!

The truth is, when you sell knowhow you earn while you sleep and never need to retire.

The difference in net worth at age 90 after a 90-minute conversation – was a staggering £7,500,000!

Student 2 Before TGP

Fig 5: Cash Flow Before Student 2
Fig 6: Net Worth Before Student 2

Your first impression with Student 2 might be, there’s no problem. There are no cash shortfalls in Fig 5. A financial adviser might agree, and walk away. Not that a financial adviser would be interested in this student, as they have less than £100,000 in investable assets. Not so a life planner!

Remember, ‘Before’ is doing work you may currently hate. Struggling day-in-day-out doing the same old boring job barely able to make ends meet, from 16 to 66 (50 years) on the bet you can buy freedom in the last 16 years.

Problem: This student has no money to have a bit of a life until their old age! They are simply locked in to a treadmill of work existence, struggling from one pay-cheque to the next, juggling overdrafts and credit cards, until retirement.

After TGP

Fig 7: Cash Flow After Student 2
Fig 8: Net Worth After Student 2

Here, Student 2 wanted to keep things as they were at home, until the youngest was aged 18 (in 4 years time). Then, in year four, Student 2 becomes debt free, and mortgage free, giving up the day job they dislike and living the life of dreams from then on.

The side-line business is sold in retirement for £2.5m. The difference in net worth at age 90 is £2,750,000 better off.

In both cases remember – no financial products were sold. I’m not a product salesman. I leave that to your product sales people. Anyway, 95% of stuff you can do yourself these days. I show you how to DIY the 95% on Your Money or Your Life Bootcamp, if that’s needed.

There were THREE people who took to the stage at the last ‘Born to Be’ at the Crown Hotel in Harrogate in March. The third, Student 3, decided to defer their decision to start working with me by six months. So, I don’t have their details.

Note: deferring start could cost thousands of pounds per month in the cash flow analysis. This time next year you may wish you had started today.

So, what’s your ‘Before and After’?

Is it worth you taking a couple of hours on a Sunday morning to find out more?

It’s absolutely FREE and you get refreshments included.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your place today.

Book your ticket for: ‘Born to Be’ at the Crown Hotel in Harrogate on Sunday 23rd June.


For further information see http://www.aolp.co.uk.

What’s your legacy?

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

Do you have a cause you support? Would you like to support it more?

Could it be … Mental health awareness? Save the earth? Action for happiness?

Would you like all of your work to be dedicated to supporting that cause, full-time, and you make a decent living from it? After all …

“We are not obliged to follow the work, nor are we free to abandon it.” Old Talmudic saying.

Maybe you don’t think it’s possible. You exchange most of your time to making a living, rather than making a life. Day-in, day-out, doing the same thing. To pay the bills. Just so that when you get those few precious moments free, you can help your cause, or donate money to your cause.

Have you ever stopped to ask, why does life have to be this way? Let’s think outside the box for one minute …

Potentially, you see your work is helping. What you do works. But you could do so much more. You could make an even bigger difference. You could create a bigger, more lasting legacy. If you only had more time. Or if you only had more money. If only …

Why are we limited in our thinking this way? Who is doing the limiting?

Picture this. You find your financial freedom in a few years from now, so you can spend the rest of your life doing what you love and supporting the cause you are passionate about, full-time and sustainably; such that you create a lasting difference in the world, something far bigger than your life, for the benefit of others and future generations.

A true lasting legacy.

I’m sure you would agree, to be full-time in your passion would take a big plan to get you there!

Well that’s what I’m talking about.

Why listen to me?

The financial industry is the least trusted industry in the world. What matters most to customers of this industry matters least to the bankers who run it. And that is, Trust!

And, money’s pretty important … right?

It was November 2011, I was waiting in the meeting room on level 41 of the HSBC headquarters in Canary Wharf. It was a bit like the room in the Apprentice TV series.

In walks David. One of those smart, slick City bankers.

“Steve, the board have decided and their decision is final. They’ve rejected your proposal to create a trusted adviser. We’re going to lay them all off instead. Focus the marketing budget on lending for the next decade. That’s where the profits are. Obviously, it’s the right decision. All the banks are doing it. If you don’t like it … you can leave.”

In an instant, 95% of the population were underserved by the wealth industry. Sentenced to a lifetime of debt and work slavery, kept a few pay-cheques from the breadline just to service short-term shareholder profits and banker bonuses. The average unsecured debt is today half annual pay!

To me … that’s terrifying!

So, to my cause – to free the population from the grip of greedy bankers and to restore trust and confidence in a new, necessary financial industry; through helping people escape and campaigning for greater market integrity and transparency. All this in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with particular emphasis on eliminating poverty (1) and reducing inequality (10).

My journey these past seven years has been tough and challenging, battling alone in a material world with a not so material agenda; as a full-time and independent campaigner for the more mindful use of capital resources to improve social justice and care for our planet.

By developing the trusted adviser model, I have designed The Game Plan. This is a life and money planning tool that has helped hundreds of people, just like you, to escape the rat-race and follow their heart on similar journeys to mine – to be the change they want to see in the world.

I tell my story and their stories in my book, Your Money or Your Life – Unmask the highway robbers – enjoy wealth in every area of your life. I also tell it at my free events, Born to Be: The change you want to see in the world.

Today, I am an award-winning global ambassador for greater integrity and transparency in the financial industry. In February 2018, I even presented to parliamentarians in the houses of parliament; resulting in the establishment of an All-Party Parliamentary Group to look at Financial Stability: What lessons have been learnt 10 years on from the global banking crisis.

This is what I have done. What can you do?

How can what I have learnt help you to dedicate your knowhow to making the world a better place to live? To create your lasting legacy? For that cause, your cause, the one you are interested in supporting. Your calling!

It’s important because you were born for a reason, at this very moment in time. You have a God-given gift. Your purpose is to use that gift in the service of others. And, the world needs that right now.

It’s important because society limits us, numbs us, divides us, has us fighting one another; as in unity and awareness we find the opportunity to change the world.

Now is the time, as we are facing a global humanitarian and ecological crisis. It is in the hands of those alive today to determine how this pans out.

Now is the time, as we live in the age of information. You can take your knowhow and help others. You will be paid for your service. The more you can help, the more you are paid. You not only make a living, you make a life. Yours!

So, what’s your cause? What’s your mission … should you choose to accept it?

And, will you decide today – to learn more about how to turn your cause into your life purpose?

What’s stopping you …

Whose wrath do you fear? Is it the bankers?

Go ahead right now, click on the links below …

You can order my book here (£11.99 plus postage) https://www.academyoflifeplanning.com/shop/

You can order FREE tickets to attend my event here https://www.academyoflifeplanning.com/contact-us/booking-form/

You can book a FREE strategy call with me to discuss personal coaching here


You can find out more about SDGs here


Find out more about the Transparency Taskforce here https://www.transparencytaskforce.org/

Steve Conley, Your Money or Your Life planner, author and presenter.

Bitter Bonkers but Brilliant!


Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers … Enjoy wealth in every area of your life!

By Steve Conley

An Author’s View (Warning: I hope you’re feeling socially responsible before reading this book!)

Disgruntled ex-banker with an axe to grind?

At first bitter, then bonkers?

Then the author tells you he wasn’t so much forced out … he left in disgust!

When behind the closed doors in Canary Wharf they made decisions that would sentence 95% of the population to a lifetime of debt slavery!

He has remained an investigative campaigner for transparency ever since. He was made an Ambassador and was awarded the Transparency Trophy for his contribution to improving global market integrity.

Who is this Robin Hood?

Why stick the boot in so hard on bankers, of all people?

Financial institutions are run by Baby Boomers (ages 52 to 71) and a few Gen X (ages 36 to 51). And when it comes to MONEY only 1-in-5 of these guys give a toss about people and planet.

They place profit before principles.

Whereas the majority of Millennials (ages 18 to 35) do care!

Think about it. Board decisions are made by a majority vote. We have another 20 years of this!

And, as Bankers force Millennials to hand over their coffers – hard earned on the mundane treadmill of existence we call the rat race – the stark fact is … they may have no future!

Seriously, another 20 years of bank-rolled warmongering parliamentarians in pursuit of plundering the valuable resources of the planet in some kind of intergenerational theft … what will the world be like in 2040?

At retirement there may be no food, no clean water no air to breathe.

So, what’s the alternative?

Here’s the bonkers bit.

We have to start doing the exact opposite of what they tell us to do.

We have to plan our lives before we plan the money.

We must accumulate … mindful of our impact on others … rather than accumulate mindful of just ourselves. We are co-dependant. We are one with others and the Earth.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s hard work reversing decades, if not centuries, of indoctrinated thinking. The key to our salvation … the key to unlock the truth … is found in an ancient truth that has been with us since the very beginning of time.

It is called the ancient natural cycle from creation to manifestation.

We see it in all our beliefs and traditions. We see it even before Noah – from a time when the Sun rose in the West. We see it in nature.

The author has unearthed this ancient wisdom, packaged the keys to freedom and describes it in his book … in the GAME Plan.

The fact is this. If we take control of our own lives and become responsible and accountable for our decisions


The planet will be saved and the world will know peace.

Reverse your thinking …

Before the Earth reverses its rotation once more.

NOW is the time to act. The future of the species of the planet is in the hands of those alive today. Your hands!


Before West becomes East.

Notes to the Editor:

“Words that come to mind are Bitter Bonkers but Brilliant.
Let me explain.
First half I come over as this disgruntled ex-banker with a gripe. Second half as bonkers using elements to explain the need to reverse thinking. I can imagine the ridicule now as readers plough through it.
Brilliant … but then you realise he’s on to something … we have 20 years of Baby Booming Bankers before the Millennials arrive. And we might not last that long!

Millennials are compelled to save for the future and hand over their coffers to the greedy bankers … what future?

I’m so pleased that when the fingers are pointed by future generations that I can point to this book … our legacy. “

Steve Conley

Your Money or Your Life! Available from 6th June 2019. Pre-order on Amazon today.


Your Money or Your Life!

Do you want to see world peace and save the planet – before 2040?

Here’s what you can do then!

Maybe you are appalled at the unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power relishing as warmongers for oil and intergenerational thieves for profit. Perhaps you see greedy bankers consistently place profit before principles. Possibly you are irritated by the veiled plundering of your life savings to fund hidden agendas, quarterly shareholder profits, bankers’ perks & unfathomable bonuses and furnish palatial gleaming City towers. Potentially you are annoyed being shackled to the treadmill two pay-cheques from poverty, so they’re not.

Picture this. The campaigning community the ‘Transparency Task Force’ drive positive, progressive and purposeful finance reform for the benefit of all. Imagine if the bankers were compelled to consider the socially responsible wishes of their investors. Here, bankers have to tell the public how much they take in charges from retail investments. What if bankers had to take oaths to abide by enforced principles-based codes of conduct. You’d think they did this already. But they don’t.

If planetary peril is where you are and planetary preservation is where you want to be, then I’m sure you would agree that the mindset of bankers must change.

The thing is. Mindsets won’t change. What bankers do – makes profit. It works. And, is therefore – to them, right.

The thing is. Transformational change will take decades. If we survive that long!

Why decades?

We can see evidence that younger generations place principles on a par with profit in the study ‘2016 US Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth‘. When asked if social or environmental impact is important to their investment decisions, 57% of Millennials (age 18 – 35) agreed, compared to 31% of Generation X (age 36 – 51), 22% of Baby Boomers (age 52 – 71) and 19% of Mature (age 72 +).

The stark fact is. The unaccountable hierarchies of profit and power – those who run our financial institutions – are Baby Boomers and Mature. And, due to the way votes count on bank boards, banks place profit before principles!

Until the Millennials run our institutions.

So, my question is … what must you do in the meantime? Well that’s what I want to talk about.

First let me answer the question, why listen to me?

Well, I’m one of those 22% Baby Boomers I talked about. I used to be head of investments at HSBC until they forced me out for wanting to place principles on a par with profit. I suggested we deliver freedom! Since then, I’ve made it my life’s work to deliver to you your keys to freedom. I’m now an award-winning global ambassador for Transparency, campaigning to bring about those advances we so desire.

Take those keys.

They’re in my new book.

“Your Money or Your Life: Unmask the highway robbers – Enjoy freedom in every area of your life.”

Available from 6th June, pre-order your copy now on Amazon.

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